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Maintaining your balance when skiing downhill is not an easy task as it may seem. If you are a novice in standing on anything slippery like the skis, then you may not know how to respond to a frictionless snowboard when skiing down the hill. This is why it is essential for any skier to do regular workout training that will help improve balance on a snowboard to avoid the possibility of falling and sustaining injuries.

In fact, most people believe that having strong legs is an automatic advantage to help ski down the hills without any difficulties. However, it doesn’t help at all if your balance is not attended to. This is a limiting factor that will hinder a successful skiing activity.

ski workout

It is therefore essential to combine both strength and balance training during your routine workouts so that you are capable of using your muscles and balance in unstable situations. Incorporating exercises that involve muscles strength and balance training will teach the muscles to work together rather than individually, and the result will be an excellent ski balance.

Below are three skiing workouts that will help improve your balance on a snowboard and be a successful skier.

Single Leg Squatting.

The capability to balance on a single leg is a necessary skill that every skier or anybody who desires to be a skier must have. If you are not capable of balancing on a floor using one leg, then the possibility of doing the same on a slope is almost impossible.

To experiment this ability, execute a single-leg squat. Take a position with your feet and hip-width apart. Maintain your weight centered over one leg while you gradually lower yourself into a squat. Concurrently, stretch one leg directly out in front of you till your thigh is parallel to the floor.

Go back to the starting position and repeat the same procedure three times on either side with slow and smooth movement. Should you be changing your posture to compensate for insufficient balance, put a block beneath your grounded rear foot. Do not let your knees to bend inward or outward. Avoid bending at the waist or dipping your shoulder as it will make you lose the center of your alignment.

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 Balancing On Balance Boards.

You can enhance your balancing skills by standing on balance boards, such as those wedged in a grove or a roller. Raise one foot, twist into a tuck position or carry a weighty backpack to improve the challenge of maintaining the balance on the board.

The rectangle-shaped roller board has a plank running across its midsection and moves in both fore to back as well as side to side directions. You can also carry a dumbbell in one hand while standing on the board to improve your balance on two planes.

Single Leg Stance.

It is one of the easiest ski balancing exercises you can ever try. Simply stand on one leg while lifting the other leg to the hip height. Maintain the position with your leg slightly bent. To increase the challenge, tilt your body in a forward and backward position.

Change to the other leg and do the same repeatedly. You will be able to improve your balance on a snowboard and excel in your skiing game.

Balance workouts are an essential part of snowboard skiing and fitness exercise. The above three practices are a simple and great way of improving your balance while skiing down the slopes.

Should You Use Lean Stack During Workout?

Many ski enthusiasts say yes and fewer but influencers say no and some stands indifference. First every skiing athlete must do away with body fat and look really lean, fit and strong to be a winner.

Therein lies the argument: Should you take even the popular lean stack brands or not? Or, should you just do normal workout, eat natural foods and diets to ensure slim shape instead of ordering bulk and cut supplements?

We leave this issue open for all, even though many more guys favors those lean muscle supplements, but we shan’t recommend any as yet.


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