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There is worldwide interest in the history of Telemark skiing. That’s clearly the impression given to designers of the web site on Sondre Norheim, legendary Norwegian skier and inventor of the Telemark style.
Since the site was launched last summer, people from over fifty countries in all parts of the world have visited Most visitors live in the United States, Canada, Scandinavia and southern Europe, but also countries like Japan, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Belize and Saudi Arabia are represented.

It’s great that so many people are interested in how it all began, say Anne-Gry Blikom and Eivind Molde, Norwegian journalists who created the web site. We hope that people who visit the site will learn something new about this important part of the history of skiing.

Sondre Norheim, born in Morgedal, Telemark in 1825, is known worldwide as the Father of Modern Skiing. This poor cotter from the Norwegian countryside is so called because he played a crucial role in transforming skiing from merely a means of transportation into enjoyment and sport.

Using a different type of skis and bindings, Sondre introduced what was called the Telemark style ? still gaining in popularity internationally. In recognition of Sondre’s contribution, Morgedal has been chosen as the place for lighting the Olympic Torch three times. And people from all parts of the world are visiting Øverbø, the cotter’s farm where he lived before immigrating to the United States.

Anne-Gry Blikom and Eivind Molde say, “The interest in the web site dedicated to Sondre proves that he is definitely not forgotten, and that people are interested in learning more about the fascinating story of this remarkable man who impacted the culture and history of skiing in such memorable ways.”


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