ice hockey safety

Ice hockey is one of the sports play in Winter Olympics. It originated in Canada, to be exact in Nova Scotia one of Canada’s province near the sea coast. This game is being play outdoor during winter because of the need for an ice bed. But as technology evolved it become possible to be hold in a close area or building called rink.

Team sport which involves enormous physical contact, body slamming and direct hit. Ice hockey is a fast-paced game and possible incident of hit and injury can happen in a sudden. To prevent major casualties it is advisable that all players are equipped with complete gear. Whether you are a starter, an amateur or professional athlete, this list of equipment is what you need to play this hockey ball

  1. Ice Hockey Stick. It is consider one of the important tools on the match. When buying this equipment choose the appropriate weight and length for you even it has a standard length adjust it based on the height of your chin for better movement.
  2. Ice Hockey Helmet with Face Mask. Purchase a well fitted helmet for you try to wear it and feel its comfortableness before you go to the counter for payment. Also checked if it passed the standard of Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC) or the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. Face Mask or Face shield is also important in providing security on your head. You can buy helmet and mask together for a proper installation suitable for you.
  3. Ice Hockey Skate. Invest on the brand that provides best quality of skates. Make sure it is appropriate finely with your feet, go with skate that has support features for ankle and provide superior control on ice.
  4. Ice Hockey Pads. Shoulder pads, Elbow pads and Shin pads give additional safety during the game. Choose pads made of light weight materials however ensure that it will produce immense protection for slams and bumps.
  5. Ice Hockey Neck and Mouth Guard. Mouth guard is believed to be essential safety equipment during the game. Jaw, mouth and teeth injuries can be prevented when you wear a mouth guard. It can be purchase or you can have it specially design for you by your dentist. Neck guard impedes major injuries, especially when uncommon incident such as when stick and skate come in contact with the neck. Some of this may lead to a season end injury.
  6. Ice Hockey Gloves. It prevent calloused made by strong hold on stick and offer protection from the hit of puck. Buy gloves that provides better comfort when holding stick and give better movement and control.
  7. Ice Hockey Groin Protection. Invest on especially design groin protection for ice hockey player it has a better resistance on impact.


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