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Whether you want to snowboard or ski during your holiday vacation, choosing the best sites is often paramount. Below is a list of the seven best places in the world you can ever wish to explore regarding skiing and snowboarding.

  1. Snowbird, Utah, USA

Situated in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird has loads of different and easily accessible terrain, great for both snowboarding and skiing. It boasts of almost 5000 acres of slopes that offer a perfect terrain for skiing and snowboarding. The Snowbird has the most vertical terrain that enables skiers to charge the steeps.

The snow available at Snowbird is popularly known for its outstanding lightness with more than two meters of dry powder. Snowbird also provides a tour of the mountain slopes starting from the plaza deck every morning from 9.30 to 10.30am at no cost.

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  1. Chamonix, France.

Exploring the compacted snow against the extraordinary backdrop on the steep and rugged landscape, Chamonix is one of the best skiing and snowboarding site in the world for skiers and boarders who seek adventure and free riding. It offers superb steep tree-runs, glacial runs, and plenty of natural freestyle features.

Chamonix is an ancient ski town with captivating French features. The ski regions are relatively spread out across the valley, and with such inspiring landscapes, you will experience the best skiing and snowboarding adventure.

  1. Whistler Blackcomb, Canada.

Situated in the Shoreline Mountains on the West Coast, the resort consist of two mountains, Blackcomb, and Whistler. Blackcomb was the first snowboarding and skiing resort in North America to welcome skiers and snowboarders and has been passionately dedicated to advancing the game since then.

It has five different parks designed with all features any professional skier or boarder can train with. There are rails, jumps, spines, jibs, and other smaller versions of freestyle skiing and snowboarding professional would want. There is also an Olympic sized pipe that can be used by pipe athletes all over the world.

  1. Cervinia, Italy.

Situated near the border of Switzerland and Italy, Cervinia is another excellent skiing and boarding site with an expansive snow terrain for beginners and professionals alike. Cervinia has miles of long and gentle runs as well as a scenic view of Matterhorn. Its peak which is across the border as you enter Switzerland is over 3500 meters high providing a perfect altitude that guarantees snows of good quality.

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  1. Mt Baker, Washington, USA.

Mt Baker offers an epic site for any skier or boarder who wishes to enjoy a ride downhill. Its reputation is drawn from the availability of dumps of snow, untracked terrain, and a super downhill terrain that was voted the best by visitors who have had their share of experience at the site.

It is characterized by natural terrains, tree runs, canyons, and hits that have a significant impact to professional and intermediate skiers and boarders, making it a perfect site for anybody who wishes to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

  1. Telluride, Colorado, USA.

Telluride stands out to be one of the best skiing and boarding resorts owing to its ample terrain that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It offers regularly groomed runs that are wide enough and gentle even at the highest points.

Even though the terrains are gentle, there are even much more challenging terrains that are reserved for advanced or expert skiers and divers.

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  1. Mammoth Mountain, California, USA.

It was voted as the best skiing and boarding resort by snow visitors. Mammoth Mountain provides an epic snowboarding and skiing site as well as a series of other fascinating activities. Significant efforts have been applied in developing Mammoth park terrain to include all the advanced feature for all skill tests.

New skiers and boarders can benefit from the park, full of safe jibs and jumps, before advancing to more challenging terrains which include a 12- foot pipe opening to the lower rail garden.

There are nine parks and an Olympic- sized pipe where lots of action is experienced from competitors. The top-notch quality snow completes this all-time great resort.

There are several other skiing and boarding resorts in the world, but the above seven summarizes the best places for skiing and snowboarding.


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