About Us

Skitele is ski travel agency designed to provide tailor-made ski vacations to its clients. Sure there are many travel agencies in the market today, but very few listen to the needs of their clients and present them with just what they need, but we do. We have spent several years catering to resorts and chalets but changed over to an agency. The time we spent catering to resorts and chalets provide us with a unique advantage – we have connections to many privately owned properties and access to deals and special offers that no one else does. Our portfolio is long and features destinations suitable for every person’s taste. There are quite and busy villages, all you have to do is choose.

Not that we are boasting, but we believe that our specialist experience, the kind gained from extensive research and being hands-on, on the ground is one that no other company can match. We have taken under our wing a team of professionals who live breath and even eat skiing – metaphorically of course. We are closely knit and as a team are passionate about what we do. We even visit the ski holiday resorts every so often to make sure they do not slack on the job. We put emphasis on first class service and are constantly striving to stay ahead of the game and the pack. Being the king of the jungle is not an easy feat, but we are up to the challenge.

All the holiday packages that we offer are ATOL and ABTA bonded. Now you probably are scratching your head wondering what this means right? Well, ATOL and ABTA are your protection against loss of your money or being left stranded on the snowy and colds slopes of a mountain in a foreign continent. They are sort of the licenses and insurance of travel agencies. Not all travel agencies have this, though.

With each of our vacation packages, your money is safe and secure. We understand the trouble you went through to make it and save up enough to go on the trip.

Our core values include:


We believe in open communication. Our travelers inform us what they need, and we work heaven and earth to make it happen. If for some reason we cannot, we provide feedback. Communication helps us remain on the same page and understand each other.


Reputation and trust are hard to earn and very easy to lose. As such, we strive to maintain integrity fairness and honesty in all our dealings. We provide you with correct information and never knowingly mislead.


We believe in skiing and taking vacations. They help bring families together. We are into providing the best vacations and opportunities to create memories that will be forever cherished.

While you have a choice to make, we highly encourage you to give us a call and let us create for you your dream vacation.