How to Get fit Ahead of your Ski Vacation

The cold season is coming; it is bound to get a whole lot colder. For those into skiing, the snowy slopes will look more appealing than ever. As you prepare to slide down these slopes, you should plan on doing things slightly differently. Well, not things, but one thing. Make it your personal agenda to be fit before you head out to the slopes. Remember how you got tired fast the last time you went skiing? Remember how much you hated it because you wanted to go one more round but your body just couldn’t? You just cannot have a repeat of that. As such, you ought to get fit before you hit the slopes. How will you do this? Here is how.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness

For you to be able to give it your all and to spend most of your days while on vacation skiing, you will need to have stamina. The best way to mimic the intense bursts of energy that you need while snowboarding and skiing is to start on interval training. So what is interval training? This is a series of alternating low and high bursts of energy designed to get the heart beating fast and improve your endurance. While you are in this training, be sure to rest for two days in between the training. This will provide your body with ample time to recover.

Get your balance

Skiing, just like rollerblading and ice skating, needs lots of balance. That said you could use these two; rollerblading and ice skating to improve your balance. While you are at it, focus on making smooth, fast and controlled turns. The control will help you to carve on the slopes with great ease even at great speeds. If you are up to it, practice sharp stops and turns as well.

Get aligned

Skiing can and will definitely put strain on your body – all exercises do. However, there is good strain and pressure, the kind that gets your muscles to grow and there is just nasty strain that causes you pain and no gain. To avoid this, practice on your stance before a mirror at home. Be sure to engage your core and have the weight of your body supported by the balls of your feet. You back should be straight this whole time.

Many who have tried Pilate exercises have reported great success in body alignment.


Yes, get on your bike and ride. Bike riding will get your heart beating fast, and as such is a cardio exercise and will also work the very muscles you will engage when you are on the slopes skiing. The gluteal and quadriceps provide more power and strength as you slide down to the bottom of the slopes. If you already cycle, then it is probably a great idea to ramp things up a bit. You can never have enough strength and endurance for the slopes.

Be aware of your position

This step cannot be stressed enough. There are times when your visibility will be impaired, and you still will want to go down the slopes. Without fast reflexes and great positional sense, you just might end up hurting yourself and other individuals. The best way to improve on this is to have your eyes closed and stand on one leg. Practice this a few times in a day and gradually add small movements to your legs and hands to gain balance and confidence. Your coordination after several sessions will greatly improve which will serve you well on the slopes.

As you get ready for your ski holiday, motivate yourself daily. It is not an easy fit, and you probably will be tempted to quit especially when things do not go as you expected. Take courage, push on and in no time will reap fruits.