Skitele – The Best Ski Vacation Agency

For decades, the conventional image of travel agencies in general involved stewardesses dressed in uniforms and below standard package deals with not so great destinations featuring handwritten signs. This was what we had to endure. But ever since the advent of the internet, things have been shaken up. All industries including ski traveling agencies have undergone a transformation in the way they present themselves, the marketing they conduct and services that they offer.

But even with these positive changes and transformations, there are those who have refused to get with the times. They are seemingly stuck in a time capsule, unwilling to provide clients with the services they need and deserve. Skitele however, has risen to the occasion and now stands out from the crowd. Booking with us is nothing short of a luxury. We treat you like royalty. Your well-deserved holiday will start the moment you come knocking on our doors. It’s not just about the resorts and destinations with us; it is the whole package. We will treat you like you are our only client.

Over the years we have been operational, we have dedicated our time to organizing the very best ski holidays there is.  Working closely with privately owned properties, we can hand pick the best resort suiting your needs. How do we do this? Well, we inspect our collection of properties and resorts every so often to ensure that they provide you with special treatment.

In this line of work, we work for you rather than the resorts we are partnerships with. Given this, believe our advice will be impartial. There will be no incident where we promise snow in an area that there isn’t.

Even better, with the special treatment, you do not have to incur any extra cost. We have access to a wide array of last minute bookings, deals not to mention special offers you are dying to get. The money you expect to pay to go direct is the same amount you will pay with us with the added benefit of saving time and being treated to a whole lot more even before your ski vacation officially starts.

When you book a holiday with us, we will organize everything for you. Remember you are royalty to us. Every vacation will be tailor made down to your special circumstance, need, and desire, within reason of course.

We understand your vacation time is limited and as such do our best not to waste any minute of your time. We, Skitele will take care of you.


The Best Z170 Motherboard For I7 6700K

2016 was a year filled with awesome news on the technology world, the new Intel releases have completely changed the market value of previous hardware, most notably, the I5 6600K and the I7 6700K. The two processors show a promising price/performance ratio, in this article, we will especially feature the I7 6700K as it was voted as the processor of the year.

The I7 6700k has little to no cons when compared to many other older generation processors, the performance is astonishing and its price is just as much as the I7 4790K while providing significant improvements.

One of the trending questions, when the I7 6700k was first released, was what would be the best Z170 motherboard that would actually fit best with the I7 6700K, this is an important question because not all motherboards can push this CPU to its very limits and allow it to overclock in a proper and safe environment.

A thing to note is that there are other options outside of the Z170’s however the Z170 are generally accepted as the high-end best motherboards for this CPU, although the ROG Maximus is an equally great option but the model variety is limited there while there are dozens of different Z170 versions most noticeably the Z170 Pro Gaming versions and the very cheap Z170-A.


Xbox ONE – What would be the right monitor to pick?

This question has no simple answer, each and every single person will give you a different input, simply because everyone’s different, everyone has different needs, everyone has a different budget and everyone has a different mindset.

If you’re just purchasing a new monitor because your old one is either too old or broke and don’t really care much about the image quality and saving money is all you care about then you certainly don’t have high requirements, as such, your needs are different from someone looking for the highest definition possible, therefore the right answer to one would not be the right answer to the other.

When looking for the best Xbox One monitor you want to take a look at several different aspects, however, there is one thing that you must make sure to have, you HAVE to select a monitor with HDMI support or else you will not be able to directly connect your Xbox One without any kinds of adaptors.

For High-Quality Monitors you should look for:

  • Monitor Resolution

For monitor resolution, 1920×1080 is good enough, however if you have “unlimited” budget and want the very best image possible then the 4K monitors are your best choice, even if you do not care much about image quality and just want to save money, I’d still recommend getting a 1920×1080 monitor because they’re the standard right now and they are still quite cheap.

  • Color Ratio

Color ratio is very important in a gaming monitor, it gives the world “life”, who likes to play games with the washed out look where everything looks black and white or straight up all white? No one, that’s why the color ratio is important, higher ratio equals to higher color quality and diversity.


Road Bicycles vs Hybrid Bicycles For Commuting

If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking for the perfect bicycle for commuting between road bikes and hybrid bikes, and honestly, this is quite a simple question, it all depends on your every day needs, however, you should check out MerchantsKeep as they know everything about hybrid and road bicycles.

If you’re looking to go use your bike for long trips and aren’t expecting to go through any rough terrain then the road bicycle will be just perfect for you, while the hybrid bike will be a better fit if you’re either unsure of what you’ll be using it for / where you’ll be going through or if you indeed will have to go through some tough terrain.

Usually most people recommend you a hybrid bike over the road bicycle, road bicycles are mostly used by cyclists because they’re exclusively riding on regular roads, they may fit you well if you like out in the middle of a city, however if you’re on the outskirts you should probably get the hybrid as it’ll come in handy one day for sure, and you will definitely notice a difference between the hybrid and the road bicycle in that one handy situation.